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Hundreds of businesses, from small owner managed enterprises to large international brand owners trust us to safely package their products.

We understand that how packaging is used can have a significant effect on the total cost of a pack, that’s why our team is trained to understand all aspects of the packaging supply chain, to ensure our customers are using the most effective packaging at the most effective cost.

Whether it’s a one off sculpture being sent to Scandinavia, or a consignment of taps going to Bath, you’ll find the right packaging solution at ECOPAC. We have an experienced team of Packaging Experts who will give you the best possible advice on safely packing your products in the most cost effective way.

Clear channels of communication ensure that you are kept informed at all stages of your pack development and supply. User friendly documents, designed to give you the information you need when you need it, ensure that doing business with ECOPAC is a straightforward experience.

Partnerships with some of the largest packaging manufacturers in Europe give us a huge range of products from which we can find your solution and our purchasing strength enables us to secure the best possible deals on your behalf.

In addition to our bespoke solutions, we maintain an extensive range of over 3000 stock products including corrugated cases, tapes, void fill, cushioning materials, bubble wrap, plastic sheets, bags and sacks, postal products, pallet wrap, protective foam, pallet boxes, dispensers, applicators, packing machines and ancillary products.

Whether you need a standard pack or a bespoke solution, ECOPAC has the answers to all your packaging questions.

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