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Protective Covers

Ecopac Protective Covers are an award winning, cost effective, reusable packaging and transit solution for large bulky items such as upholstered furniture, mattresses, and white goods.

They uphold our commitment of minimising the impact that packaging has on the environment by eliminating the need for cardboard, bubblewrap, and heavy duty polythene bags when moving furniture.

Our design teams, based in Westcott (UK), Canberra (Australia) and Shenzhen (China) use the highest quality, independently tested materials to produce alternatives to disposable packaging that are:

  • Cost efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick to pack and unpack
  • And easy to carry and manoeuvre in tight spaces

They are a complete solution to safely delivering furniture and they don’t leave you with a mountain of discarded packaging for you or your customer to dispose of.  Suitable for retailers, manufacturers, logistics providers and removals businesses.

A large range of covers is available from stock or alternatively, covers can be designed and manufactured to your exact requirements.

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Why use Ecopac Covers?

  • 1

    Easy to use and manoeuvre.

    • Fast and easy to pack and unpack

    • Clear labelling and viewing window for fast identification

    • Rip Stop carry handles in every direction

    • Water resistant fabric

    • Double stitching for strength

    • Patented bungee Velcro fastening system

    • Easy to manoeuvre up stairways and through tight doorways

    • Reduced risk of manual handling injuries

    • Separate bag to keep cover clean on return journeys.

  • 2

    Eliminates disposable packaging.

    • No need for cardboard, bubble wrap, tape or heavy duty polythene wraps

    • Exempt from UK Packaging Waste Laws after first trip

    • Protects the products in transit better than traditional packaging

    • Eliminates waste disposal costs

  • 3

    Enhance your brand.

    • Covers can be produced in your company colours and carry your logo

    • Perfect for white glove delivery

    • Give strong environmental message

    • Clean and tidy in customers homes

Protective Covers Range

The range of protective covers is almost infinite. If your product needs protection during transit then we can create an Ecopac protective cover for it. Just some of our covers are shown in the range below. However, if you need something bespoke, don’t hesitate to call us on 01296 652700 and our in-house design team can have a prototype made for you.