Consumer concerns about the impact of packaging on the environment are regularly in the news. We’ve all seen examples of products being over-packed or using packaging products that are particularly damaging to the environment.

However packaging plays an important role in reducing damage in transport and therefore waste. The ideal answer is to responsibly use the right packaging for the job whilst understanding and minimising the impact on the environment.

The ECOPAC Eco-review helps you to do just that. We will review the packaging materials you are using and recommend alternative products or procedures to reduce the environmental impact of your packaging. Some of the changes we can identify include;


  • Replacing virgin material with recycled material
  • Replacing standard polythenes with bio-polythene
  • Replacing polystyrene with starch based products
  • Lightweighting without compromising performance

ECOPAC Eco packaging reviews often uncover hidden cost savings at the same time.