Ecopac (UK) Ltd, the Buckinghamshire based packaging design and logistics business has gained a license to handle third party cardboard and polythene waste and process it back into the recycling chain.

The license enables Ecopac to collect waste packaging from customers at the same time as making deliveries.  The waste is then taken back to the Westcott plant where it is sorted and baled before being fed back into the recycling chain.

Ecopac operations managerStuart Carrollcommented “it’s a win win situation for our customers.  It enables them to responsibly get rid of their waste packaging whilst at the same time removing the cost of doing so – the savings can be substantial.  As we back load the waste when we are delivering new products we are also reducing the number of road journeys needed to get the waste back into the recycling chain”.

Large collection stillages are issued free of charge to customers to be used for the collation of waste end these are replaced with recycled empty ones when the full ones are collected.

For additional information on the Ecopac recycling service contact the customer service team on 01296 652700.