Having secured an additional 30000 sq ft of space on Westcott Venture Park, Ecopac has launched contract packing and internet fulfilment services.

Operations Manager, Stuart Carroll who is overseeing this new development reported “a number of customers have asked us about this service in the past but the business was limited to what it could take on due to space constraints.  Now we have the new building we are deliberately keeping the main packing hall as a flexible space that we can kit out to suit the individual requirements of each job as it comes along”.

To ensure the quality of work Ecopac has taken the unusual step of directly employing a team of picker packers rather than using temp labour.  Stuart justified this tactic saying “temporary labour can be a problem with temps not showing up on the day or not really caring about the work that they do – knowing they could be somewhere else tomorrow.  We have employed a number of local people on flexible term contracts so that we can build a team around each job that comes in.  The same people are working for us week after week so they get to know our business and our customers.  That way they care about the quality of the work they do.”

“We are able to be flexible with their hours making it ideal work for parents that need to manage work commitments alongside child care requirements etc.”

With contracts so far ranging from packing out retailers point of sale displays to putting pens onto backing cards, this new service is typical of Ecopac’s approach to business – it’s flexible and fits around the needs of customers.

To find out more call Ecopac on 01296 652700 or email